About Jarvis

Hi everyone. My name is Jarvis and I’m 2 and a half. I live with my mum and dad in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve just been told I have a bad disease but I don’t really understand yet what will happen to me, although mum & dad try to explain it to me.

In January 2013 I had a big fall and my head bore the brunt of it. After a couple of weeks of having a swollen head I was left with a bump that won’t go away. I was also born with funny big toes that bend inward – mum says they’re malformed. That’s part of my disease.

I enjoy swimming, playing in the mud, playing with Thomas the Tank Engine & my trains. I love singing and music, especially Josh Pyke & Neil Finn, which I ask mum & dad to play to me all the time. I love watching the Bombers play with my dad and I love hanging out with my friends and my family, which includes spending 3 days a weeks with my Nana and Poppa while mum and dad are at work.

I can be cheeky and naughty at times but generally I try to be a very good boy. I love my life and am a very happy, outgoing, little boy.

I have FOP but my mum and dad and I are going to make my life as great as possible!!!

Thank you for supporting my cause.

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